Planning and Installing a Fence

Proper installation of a new fence starts with planning. You will need to know how much material will be required to complete the project. Measure the area that will be fenced making and note the location for gates and turns. Now that you have created a layout for your project you can figure out what you will need. Fence Services

It is optimal to allow for 8-foot sections between each post in your fence. This will save money and time as you can buy prefabricated fence sections and then assemble them onsite. You should plan for two gates in the enclosure, on opposite ends from each other, to allow for multiple routes of exit in case of emergency. Calculate the total length of fencing that will be required as well as the number of centre posts and corner posts (some manufacturers do not use different corner and centre posts). You will also need to know how much hardware you will need to put the fence together. Privacy Fences

There are many chain link fence supply companies as well as those that furnish vinyl fencing supplies. Most of these places can also help with any special tooling that you may require for the installation.If you are working with chain link fencing, you will need a stretching bar to make the connections on the end of each continuous length section. You may also be able to purchase pre-built gates. Whether you are working with chain link fencing or vinyl fencing, you may need to set the posts in the ground with concrete. The chain link fence supply company (or the company getting you your vinyl fencing supplies) can help you calculate the amount of concrete you will need and supply this for you as well.

Once you have acquired all of the materials, you can begin installing the fence. First, you will need to find and mark the location for all of the posts. Then (and this is where a post hole digger will come in handy) you will need to dig a hole for each post making sure that each one lines up with the one on either side of it. Next, you will set each post into its hole using the concrete. If you are working with a structure, make sure to secure the adjacent posts to the building. Iron Fences

Different manufacturers have different recommendations for a set time for their concrete. This information can usually be found on the bag that the dry concrete mix came in. If not, check with the supplier to see how long the posts need to set before you can start hanging fence sections. While the posts are setting, you can assemble the individual fence sections and prepare them for installation. If you purchased prebuilt sections, start laying them out where they will be installed to expedite the final assembly. In the case of continuous length chain link fence, measure the length that you will need for each section and set the roll for each at the beginning of the corresponding section. When the posts have set, install the fence sections and gates, and your new fence is complete. Wood Fences